Services and
fields of activity

Financial management

Effectiveness and cost-efficiency analysis. Budgeting. Cost and investment management. Capital structure and securing financing. Liquidity management. Support in the process of purchase/sale of company or business line.

Management accounting

We agree on definitions, metrics and indicators as a basis for decision-making at different levels of the organization. We will develop reports for efficient information management and sharing. We analyse risks and carry out controls to mitigate these risks.


The integration of an accounting service into the financial management service establishes a basis for the availability of adequate financial information (cost and income groupings, segment based accounting, etc.). We aim to provide efficiency and clear decision-making processes in managing cost documents.

Strategic management

Do shareholders, management and employees know where the company is headed, what the long-term plan and outlook are? What are the important business challenges, opportunities and risks? Are we still doing what we should do? Should we do something else? How much is our company worth? When to buy and when to sell?

Business development

Business model description and cost-benefit analysis, feasibility studies, product/market fit, accompanying services, value chain, customer acquisition. Can we strengthen our value offer through mergers or acquisitions?

Work processes and controls

We review and modernise work processes and control mechanisms. The existence of clear motivation, accountability and decision-making mechanisms will lead to new quality of management. This will release a lot of time from duplicating operations and at the same time gain control over the activities.

Product Management

How to better utilise existing customer relationships and platform? What products or services can be sold to current customers? Whether it is possible to apply service-specific XaaS models? Which are the new segments that can be serviced by slightly adjusting the product or platform?

Sales Management

Sales planning, KPI's, sales channel efficiency analysis. What are our target groups, how the company's customer base and funnel management are organised? Margin management.


Pricing is probably one of the most underutilised tools to grow your company's profitability. Together with the client, we develop efficient pricing policy, pricing models, identify opportunities for price increases and review discount policies.